The LivittyCloud™ Experience

LivittyCloud™ provides you with Effective lead-gen, Transaction Management, Customer Relationship Management, Marketing Automation, and much more.

High-Quality Referrals

We will send you referrals for motivated buyers and sellers searching for homes.

Smart CRM

Leave no lead behind. Manage your business stress-free and sell confidently.

Marketing Auto-Pilot

A serious automation machine generating up to 10X higher reponse from leads.

The Smarter Agent Leverage

Become a paperless and efficient Real Estate professional with a variety of tools to manage your business all in one place.

Personal Home Search Website

Position yourself as the local market expert. Keep visitors coming back to your website and turn them into clients.

Intelligent Drip Campaigns

LivittyCloud has pre-built smart campaigns to ensure higher conversion. Setup automatic emails to your prospective buyers and sellers and stay in front of the market with our drip campaign feature.

Smarter Social Media

Generate prospective buyers and sellers by automatically sharing relevant content and new listings on all of your social pages. All generated leads will be added to your CRM and enrolled in the drip campaigns increasing your sales.

LivittyCloud™ & Beyond

When you join Livitty, you get to leverage all of the industry leading technology and automation a Real Estate Agency has to offer in one location.

Generate sales volume and commission detail reports on demand.

Manage and promote listings to multiple channels with the push of a button.

Get paid the same day with commission disbursement authorization.

Create reminders and recurring tasks to stay on top of your deals.

Manage Real Estate Contracts and forms with eSign when on the go.

Training with guides, tutorials, and downloadable marketing content.

Level up your success

Get started today and become a Livitty Market Genius