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Real Estate, Smarter.

We're building the modern agency

Livitty is building an Eco-System of real estate professionals and modern technology to make the buying and selling experience smarter. Our tech-enabled agents are able to utilize the industry's latest technology to maximize their marketability and profitability.
Our Mission

Results Oriented

Our mission is to break the barriers of a sales person mindset, converting agents into a business operation with tools to improve efficiency and conversion.

Expanding nation wide

Breaking Borders

We are on a National journey to expand our approach to real estate. We are constantly looking for agents who share the same beliefs and values we do. Join us in our mission and share the experience nationwide. Livitty is exponentially growing each year to meet our long-term goal of becoming a smarter national brokerage.

What our agents are saying

"They go above and beyond to provide support, strategy and solutions for all of the issues that arise during the complex process of real estate transactions. I'm grateful to be a part of their team. Without any hesitation I would recommend every real estate professional to join Livitty for their growth and success.”
Anna Daily
Market Genius
“At livitty I feel like im part of the family. Whenever I have a question or need help with something the brokers are always available to help. With Livitty's help and guidance my business has grown exponentially and continues to grow each year! I'm so happy I chose livitty as my home.”

Ilya Rivkin
Market Genius
“Livitty has made it easy for me to transition over to their all-in-one platform. Now more than ever I can manage my entire business portfolio all in one login. Their CRM and Transaction Management system has helped me save time and money generating me more income.”

Gary Gofman
Market Genius

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